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If you want to comment on our songs, the musicians performances, or the artwork:

please  to contact us.

This link is as safe as your mail program.

You may perform the songs and poems, if you'd like.
If you are a member of B.M.I., please report your performance of these songs through B.M.I. Live.
If you're a member of another P.R.O., please report your performanc of these songs through
the corresponding app on your P.R.O.'s web site.

Thank you!

If you want to record the songs and poems,
you must license them through Colorado Sandstorm Music/Colorado Sandstorm Productions.

please  to contact us about licensing.

This link is as safe as your mail program.
Be sure to let us know which song if the title doen't show up in the email subject.

Thanks. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

CD Sales

We don't sell CDs online at this time. We will sell them at events.

CDBaby no longer sells CDs or downloads.

Look for Sandy Reay, Ernie Martinez, or Terry Nash at events on the AcousticByLines calendar.

You can find songs to download or stream from the sites on these pages:

Bring 'Em Home CD

I Wanted to Fly CD


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