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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



A Pastel Life

©2010 Sandra L. Reay


I don't live a Pastel Life

I decorate with red and gold
In spaces that are black and white
A splash of aqua, bright and bold
Seeking shelter from a storm
I took the hue of winter sun
One that barely shone or warmed
Left me feeling safe and numb
"Oh, grow up," say lovers, pissed
"Why can't you lead a life like mine?"
Do babies wrapped in lilac mist
Feel warmth and comfort or confined?
I don't live a Pastel Life
Give me teal and chocolate brown
I love the feel of painting high
And run the risk of falling down
"A nice pale pink would suit you fine"
My friends will often scold and nag
But I took silver with deep wine
For the colors of my flag.
No, I don't live a pastel life
I chose one lined with black and blue
And if somehow I paint it right
No regrets when I am through
A Pastel Life abstrack painting of red and gold stripes black and white squares with turquise splashes a band of teal and chocolate brown and red and silver wavy lines
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