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Coyote's Song

©1995 Sandra L. Reay


As long dark fingers of sunset creep across my heart

The desert voices haunt me because we're still apart
It was a choice that I had made when I was very young
I started a path I couldn't leave once I had begun
A road to run — A song unsung
There's a whisper of Coyote's Song in my memory
Reminding me of all were were and never again will be
Late at night beneath a sky brushed with laughing stars
He calls your name to me
And comforts me — And lies to me
You asked me when I left you why did I have to go
I couldn't really answer because I didn't know
I couldn't say where I was going, didn't know myself
There was voice inside me, telling me I had to be
Somewhere else — Doing something else
I was sure when I left you but I'm not sure now
I lost my way in all that running and I don't know how
I feel lost and unsure and very much alone
And the road I left behind me is the only road back home
So I go on — Coyote's Song
Coyote's Song was published in American Poetry Anthology, Summer 1995, Arcadia Poetry Press.

"I was driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff and let my mind wander. I found out later that Coyote is the trickster in indigenous folklore."

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