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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



If I Was

©1997, 2010 Sandra L. Reay


If I Was a car, would you be the lights?

If I Was a left hand, would you be right?
If I Was a snowman, would you be the coal?
If I Was a ribbon, would you be my bow?

If I Was a timer, would you ring my bell?

If I Was a secret, would you tell?
If I Was a traffic light, would you be green?
If I Was the coffee, would you be the cream?

If I Was a dancer, would you be the beat?

If I Was the summer, would you be the heat?
If I Was a fire, would be the spark?
If I Was a branch, would you be a lark?

If I Was the earth, would you be the sky?

If I Was the wind, would you learn to fly?
If I Was a gold ring, would you be the shine?
If I said, "I love you," would you ever be mine?
If I Was poem

"Ihis poem started as a song, and I liked the word play and structure, and loved the chord changes. But it wasn't a good song."

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