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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Car Full of Collies

©1996 Sandra L. Reay
Sandra L. Reay, B.J. Suter

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

A Car Full of Collies, they're fluffy and jolly
  And smell like a swamp when they're wet
  A cup full of guppies won't fill up those puppies
  It leaves them hungry, you bet
A house full of hippos, they dance on their tiptoes
  And break lots of toys when they're mad
  A bowl full of goldfish won't satisfy their wish
  It leaves them feeling real bad
chorus And we will waltz with the moon.
  And play hide'n'seek with the stars
  Till the morning runs with the rising sun
  And nobody knows where we are
A carton of kitties, they're dressed in their pretties
  And howl at the moon for their lunch
  A creek full of streakers won't dampen their sneakers
  It makes not a dent in that bunch

A dish full of duckies, they're wearing muck-luckies
  And leave a down trail when they move
  A crock full of crackers won't dry out those quackers
  It leaves them with something to prove
A gallon of gators, they're dressed in their waders
  And send Morse code with their teeth
  A churn of cheese doodles will bounce off their noodles
  It leaves them quite hollow beneath
A park full of ponies, all dance with their cronies
  Tails high like a ship in full sail
  A dish full of kippers won’t trip up those tricksters
  It just leaves them feeling quite pale

Nobody knows where we

  Nobody knows where we are
Car Full of Collies
Full-length Demo
©S.L.Reay four dogs three Collies and a German Shepherd looking out the back window of an old red SUV
I Wanted to Fly - Sandy Reay & Friends
I Wanted to Fly CD a painting of a white bird big yellow sky and silhouettes of people standing with their hands in the air

"I took a photo of my four dogs looking out the back of my 4-wheel drive. The German shepherd was an honorary collie. The photo, "Four in a 4x4 on the 4th of July," was chosen to be the July photo in a calendar.

"I wrote five verses over several years. It uses complex alliteration and rhyme scheme as well as parallel construction in each verse. I sent the first five verses to B.J. for illustrations. Instead, B.J. wrote the chorus the 6th verse, and music."



  • A quote from A Car Full of Collies was included in "Peace Within" by Kebba Buckley Button
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