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Down At Joe's

©2020 Sandra L. Reay, John P. Nelson

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.
Absolute Zero Publishing, B.M.I.

Claire is a long-legged beauty
  Eyes like the Montana sky
  She works down at Joe's All-Nite Diner
  Watches the world pass her by
  Some say she's a Vegas showgirl
  Who's gotten too old for the lights
  Claire never answers their questions
  She goes home alone every night
Roy is a tall dark cowboy
  A former bull rider, I heard
  That scar on his face, well it's a mystery
  Don't ask him; he won't say a word
  He sold all his buckles and saddles
  Bought that Texaco over on Vine
  Drives a tow truck like it's an old bronco
  Works late all the time
chorus For a midnight cup of coffee, there's just one place to go
  The lights are always on; they never close
  The waitresses are friendly, and everybody knows
  It's service with a smile Down at Joe's
bridge A big Montana snowstorm blew through town last fall
  Claire was headed home at 2 a.m.
  Roy was working late shift when he got the call
  From a woman who was stranded out on Highway 10
Now Roy eats at the diner
  He goes out of his way
  Claire waits on his table
  She's smiling more these days
  Sometimes on the weekends
  You'll see Roy's truck roll by
  Claire is riding shotgun
  By his side
Yes it is
  It's service with a smile Down at Joe's


  • Outwest Radio Hour "Motor West"


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"I started with a hook in a chorus that didn't work, but the verses about Claire and Roy did. John gave it a new chorus, a bridge, and a great melody. Steve and I performed it at Canon Rose."

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