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(My Favorite Love Song) Ends With Goodbye (Version 2*)

©2018, 2023 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.


The band is playing love songs. You've been sitting in the corner all alone


Still looking for the right words that you hope are gonna let you take me home


Cowboy, you're good-looking, just as smooth and charming as a summer night


And with some other lady, well, I'm thinking that you'd probably be right      'Cause...


You don't know my story and I won't tell you why


My Favorite Love Song Ends With Goodbye


Yeah My Favorite Love Song Ends With Goodbye


I think you might have judged me by my drink and by the style of my clothes


Or else my hair reminds you of a pretty party girl you used to know


Some men take their best shot; when* they miss they* think that they went down in flames


Don't act like it's a tragedy. You never even asked me for my name      No...


Don't try to get me started.

  There's only one more thing to say

I've always loved an ending

  Where the lady rides away      Oh...

Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye

Ends With Goodbye
Full-length Rough
  • Sandy Reay: vocal, bass
  • Brandy Herbert: electric guitars, bass
coming soon

"I was painting the sunporch and thinking about how many country songs are about a guy hitting on a girl in a bar and they lived happily ever after. These lyrics came to me with the music—that rarely happens. I dropped my paint brush in a jar of water and ran upstairs to write the lyrics and the chords.

I usually continue to tweak the lyrics, sometimes long after the song's been recorded. I call it "the new shoes theory of songwriting." Shoes feel great in the store. You buy them, and wear them. They rub blisters. This song rubbed two small blisters, see bold words in Verse 2 with *

Steve Earle's song "Goodbye" is my favorite love song. I used his turn-around at the end of my song, but I added a chord to it. I hope it's okay with him. A friend called this song, "A Tribute to Steve Earle."

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