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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Glue-lot Cowboy

©2020 Sandra L. Reay, Tom Munch

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.

We lived 'cross the street from a feed lot
  Where horses stood waiting for rides
  In a truck to a place where they made glue
  From the hooves and old hearts and tough hides
I'd hang on the fence as I watched them
  One eyed me and sniffed at my hand
  I climbed on and whispered, “Let's go, boy”
  Not sure where I thought I would land
chorus I was a Glue-lot Cowboy
  I dressed and I acted the part
  Only a Glue-lot Cowboy
  But a real one, in my heart
My friends found me at the feed lot
  Each claimed the best horse that he found
  We trotted around that enclosure
  And pretended we raced 'round and 'round
We hooted and hollered and chased calves
  Lassoed that last wild roan
  Till Daddy showed up and he grabbed me
  And grounded me when we got home
A song brought back thoughts of those horses
  I pictured them strong in their stride
  I hope they remembered us cowboys
  And were glad for their very last ride
I'm a real one, in my heart

"I heard this story at the first Chuck Pyle tribute concert at Swallow Hill. It too me four years to write the lyrics. I met Tom at the 2018 tribute concert and worked with him on Diamonds and Gold. It made sense so show him the lyrics and ask him to write the music. And, who else should I ask to do the fiddle on it? Chuck's fiddle player, Gordon Burt. I'm thrilled that Tom and Gordon agreed "

Glue-lot Cowboy
Full-length Rough

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labeled photos of Chuck ©Reggie Ruth Barrett
other photos of Chuck Pyle and Gordon Burt ©Bill Patterson, Patterson Photography
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