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Ride for the Wind

©2020 Sandra L. Reay, John P. Nelson

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.
Absolute Zero Publishing, B.M.I.

Oh, the knot in my gut is tight as a fist
  Tight as the knot in my grip
  The bull beneath me's about to explode
  I'm in for one helluva trip
  Oh, the luck of the draw, Ol' Hurricane
  Never been rode so they say
  As mean as they come, that look in his eye
  Saying, “You're gonna hurt today”
chorus Oh ride, ride, slide-n-Ride for the Win
  I need to cowboy up to claim that jackpot purse
  If I'm gonna make Cheyenne
  One round to go in this rodeo
  Lord, my head's in a spin
  One round to go, I gotta hang on
  Hang on and Ride for the Win
bridge Eight seconds seems forever, spurring, balance-n-strain
  'Til I knew I covered that Ol' Hurricane
Now, I ain't no kid at thirty-three
  The ground's getting harder it seems
  I don't bounce back like I used to do
  Chasin' these rodeo dreams
  Now one of these days I'll hang it up
  Thank those rodeo clowns
  I'll have some tales to tell the kids
  'Til that last buzzer sounds
One round to go in this rodeo
  Lord, my head's in a spin
  One round to go, I gotta hang on
  Hang on and Ride for the Win

"I wanted to write a song about bull riding as a metaphor for a long-term relationship, like marriage. I recited the first few lines to a young bull rider, and he said, 'You're not a bull rider but you get it.'

"I decided it was okay to write a song that's just about bull riding. John helped with the lyrics and music, and Jerry Cunningham helped me with the authentic bull riding terminology.

"I was thrilled when Ernie said he wanted to do the song and bring Ernie's Army."



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