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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Two Below the Hocks

©2020 Sandra L. Reay, Terry Nash, Ernie Martinez

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.
Ash Street Music, ASCAP

Catch Two Below the Hocks, boys, then drag ‘em to the fire
  Work ‘em slow and easy, lest you stir the boss's ire
  The family’s at the coals with hot irons and vaccination
  Young and old, each has a job in this time-worn occupation
chorus It’s a cowman’s rite of spring, this brandin’ calves tradition
  A western “sport of kings” and an honored avocation
Catch Two Below the Hocks, boys, then bring ‘em slow and steady
  Ain’t no time to tarry for the ground crew’s at the ready
  A couple hundred calves to brand; we’ll have ‘em worked by midday
  Turn each one out, mother him up, and know we’ve earned our pay
The wives’re in the kitchen cookin’ up a good-size spread
  Fixin' beef and taters, dessert and homemade bread
  We'll wash up at the house, heap our plates to overflowin’
  Eat out in the shade, grin about the calves a-growin’
Catch Two Below the Hocks, we’ll sing your praises loud
  We’re feedin’ America good red beef, so set your horses proud
©Bill Patterson, Patterson Photography photo showing a cowboy on a horse holding an American flag riding in front of mounted cowboys holding their hats in a rodeo ring
©Bill Patterson, Patterson Photography
Two Below the Hocks
Full-length Rough
photos ©Valerie Beard, Short Grass Studios

"This is one of the few songs and poems that didn't start with me. When I read Terry's poem, I asked him if I could turn it into a song. Then I asked Ernie to help me with some interesting chords. When Terry said it needed more energy, I recruited Luke."

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