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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Bound By the Rain V. 2

©2013, 2022 Sandra L. Reay

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.


We all sang along with a Creedence rain tune


Storm clouds blew in, gathered over the moon


Our eyes met, he came to me and took my hand


We belonged to the night; we belonged to the land


Bound by the rain, we were bound by the rain


A spark of excitement burst into a flame


We were burning and bound by the rain

2. The careless rain left and the lush land dried

Heat moved in and the crops all died

  Farm houses empty, surrounded by dirt
  Evening clouds promise. No drops reach the earth

Bound by the rain, we were bound by the rain

  A long drought like that makes a man go insane
  We were burning and bound by the rain

We fought about money. Words cut like a knife

  He slapped me around, cursed the drought and our life
  Afraid of the madness I heard in his shout
  I sat like a stone till he finely stormed out

Rain slammed the roof and the windows.

  Lightning, a flickering torch
  Thunder hid tires on gravel
  And his footsteps across the back porch

I woke in the dark, felt cold rain from the door

  A pain in my back threw me down to the floor
  I tried to escape, the floor slick with my blood
  He stabbed me again, dragged me out through the mud
  To the creek full of water, and more coming down
  He slipped on the bank, hit his head and he drowned

Bound by the rain, we were bound by the rain

  Held down by the water that's strong as a chain
  We were breathless and bound by the rain

And, forever, we are bound by the rain

Bound By the Rain V1
Full-length Rough Demo

"This song is based on a true story, told to me by a friend, about a friend of his. I tried to write it for years, but couldn't picture it until I drove through southeastern Colorado in March, 2013, during a drought that dried up a reservoir. The national weather service had to create a new color for the lack of moisture. I drove past an abandoned farm house in a field where weeds burned, but the large areas of dirt kept the fire from spreading."

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