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 Colorado Sandstorm Music



Someone Else's Dream

©2017 Sandra L. Reay, John P. Nelson

Colorado Sandstorm Music, B.M.I.
Absolute Zero Publishing, B.M.I.

I wish that I could be the woman that he sees
  When he closes his eyes
  But I don't cling to dreams or complicated schemes
  Maybe I've grown wise
Don't need a crystal ball or writing on the wall
  For me to see
  He's always been kind, but someone's on his mind
  And I know it isn't me
chorus I guess I'm meant to be someone else's dream
  The answer to someone else's prayer
  I hope someday I'll learn what it really means
  To be someone else's dream
He won't confide in me, but the truth is there to see
  And it hurts like Hell
  He doesn't need to say what his guilty eyes betray
  'Cause I know him all to well
  She casts her dreams upon the water so they leave this place
coda To be someone else's dream
Someone Else's Dream
Full-length rough
young woman and plant

"I wrote a humorous version of the story of Cassandra that started with the first two lines of this song. John took those lines and came up with this song about heartbreak and unrequited love."

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