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Bring Em Home CD by Sandy Reay and Friends
"earsie" cover photo by Terry Nash     

Bring 'Em Home

Sandy Reay & Friends

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Colorado Sandstorm Music

Press Release

A Cowboy/Western-theme album
with touches of
 humor, Irish pub songs, poetry, bluegrass, 
swing, country, blues, honky-tonk, and rock. And a whole lot of heart.

Colorado Sandstorm Music announces the release of "Bring 'Em Home," a CD collection of songs with a mostly-Western theme, by Sandy Reay and Friends.

This CD includes performances by many well-known Colorado (and former-Colorado) artists, including Ernie Martinez (Dakota Blonde, Jon Chandler & the Wichitones), Gordon Burt (Dakota Blonde, Chuck Pyle, Southern Exposure), Spencer Pyne, (Xpansion of a Sum, Exit 232, Eddie Roswell & the Phantom Ranch), Tom Munch, Steve Jones (Yampa Valley Boys), Rod Welles (Stewart-Wells Band), Ed Skibbe (Eddie Roswell & the Phantom Ranch), Luke Halpin (Bettman and Halpin), Donald Young (Xpansion of a Sum), Dave Schaper, and Sandy Reay.

Produced and recorded by Spencer Pyne at ESP Recording, Centennial CO, this 12-song, 42-minute CD features 8 songs co-written by Sandy Reay and her friends, and 4 poems written by Sandy Reay, who lives near Monument CO. Photographs on jacket and CD by Terry Nash and used with permission.

Co-writers include award-winning Cowboy poets Terry Nash, Doc Mehl, Floyd Beard, award-winning instrumentalist Ernie Martinez, award-winning songwriter Dave Schaper, John Nelson, and Tom Munch.

It is the long-awaited second independently-released CD by Colorado Sandstorm Music, based in Monument CO.


Rick Huff on Keepin' It True Country


Rick Huff review:  Keepin' It True Country

Outwest Radio Hour "Motor West" May 14 & 15, 2021

Steve Jones' version of Down At Joe's
from his new CD, The Lump of Coal (Hope's Diamond)

(Note: The title song on this CD is a Steve Jones-Sandy Reay cowrite.)

Steve Jones Lump of Coal CD with Down at Joe's


J.J.'s Cowboy Corral

Song:   Date:
Ride For The Win   Nov 4, 2020
Melinda Rose   Sep 2, 2020
Bring 'Em Home   Aug 5, 2020
Ride For The Win   July 1, 2020


Cowboy Corral KLZR Radio

When the Cowboy Sings Radio Show March 29, 2020

     song: Bring 'Em Home

When the Cowboy Sings Radio Show

Track List

  1 Bring 'Em Home   7 Diamonds And Gold
  2 Melinda Rose   8 Down At Joe's
  3 Ride For The Win   9 Another Horse to Saddle
  4 Black Day 10 Wish You Were Here
  5 Glue-lot Cowboy 11 Two Below The Hocks
  6 Spitting Seeds 12 Stitches
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Comments about the CD:

Spent the afternoon listening to the CD. Very impressive. I especailly liked Wish You Were Here.
— Bill D

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Glue-lot Cowboy song.  Everything about the song reminded me of Chuck. I loved hearing Tom’s voice and Gordon’s fiddle Thanks so much for giving me the CD. I really enjoyed it!
Terri Stewart

What an amazing CD!
—Helen and Cal B, musicians

Such a fun record...

Love the CD!
—Lynn G

Check out Sandy and Colorado Sandstorm Music online. Buy Bring 'Em Home, her wonderful new record of western and cowboy songs--it is pure, authentic and charming.

Your lyrics are really great......
—Tom C

I'm impressed at the collaboration you've achieved, both in writing and performance. I found it all to be polished, including the engineering, no mean achievement. The songs each have their own distinct personalities, unlike for many albums and artists I've heard.
—Owen N, songwriter

Wonderful record!

I received your CD. It's great!
—Randy Huston, Cowboy singer/songwriter

I do like it!

I like it.

Sal and I both, separately, listened to your record today, more than just once.
Lots and lots of lyric and emotional depth all over the project.
We were both really impressed. Congratulations!
Jim Ratts, songwriter

Been listening to the CD. I love it.
Robert Spiller, author

I was looking forward to seeing you and telling you how much I enjoyed your CD. I really like the mixture of poetry and songs and I especially appreciated your fine storytelling of your cowboy and western styled songs. It was very well recorded and really nice musicianship throughout. Very nice job, Sandy!
— Steef S, songwriter

I love it.
—Tim D

I played your CD three times and love all the songs and poems.
—Tom C

I keep meaning to tell you that I'm really enjoying your CD. I think Stitches is my favorite, but it's hard to say because I like them all. Thanks for sharing it with me!
—Rona G, photographer

Hi Sandy: I got your CD a few days ago – well done! It’s great to have a well-produced version of our songs [Melinda Rose, Ride For The Win, Down At Joe's], and I enjoyed the whole project. Thanks for the effort.
Best regards,

Just sat down to listen... nice work y'all. Thanks for letting me ride along.
Let Tom and the others know "I Appreciate Y'all!"

I wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying your new CD. I love a lot of the songs but I simply adore Melinda Rose.
—Janis F

I have this in car CD player now too! Love how it turned out, and am thankful for my part on Down At Joe's. My better half, Stacy, sounds GREAT, too. I really like the mix of poetry. You have a wonderful delivery and THANK YOU for the opportunity to be a part!

Great song! (3 notes) (heart with diamonds)
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I have it in my car right now!!!!! (music) (heart with diamonds) So honored to have been a part of this fantastic collaboration.

Great record, Sandy. Man, you got some amazing players and contributors. Kudos!

It made me feel.
—Tom M

It's in my car too. And in my living room. I love it! It feels good.
—David, songwriter

Sandy wrote/cowrote all of the songs and she put together a lineup of some incredible musicians for this wonderfully musical CD, Bring 'Em Home. It's earthy, groovy, and just makes you feel good— true Americana! Yours truely and my lovely wife, Stacy, perform on some of the tracks. Please go have a listen and order yours today!

Wow, your record sounds fantastic! The poems are so cool, and such cool songs and performances! Thank you!

Hey, Sweetie,
The CD is fabulous!!!
Proud to be a part of it!
Just wanted to let you know (smile) (heart) (treble cleff music staff)

I liked it. My favorites were Diamonds And Gold and Another Horse to Saddle.
Jerry C

Each story is told by a different character. I can watch the story, and I can see the characters.


Bring 'Em Home

Bring 'Em Home is a sure 'nuff quality good listen!

I love that one, too. (3 notes)

Ernie (smile) (2 notes)

My goodness. Y’all sure did good! I like everything about it. I can picture this as a lead in song at the beginning of a Robert Duvall movie!
Thanks for your expert contributions everyone!
I especially love Ernie’s mandolin and the rest!


Melinda Rose

Melinda Rose is my favorite.

You should have heard Sandy Reay hit it out of the park with her new song of Melinda Rose. Absolutely wonderful and beautifully done!

Oh yes, the emotion and passion was there big time! Very nice.

Beautiful song.
Your song writing is some of the very very best of the very very best I have heard!
—Reggie Ruth Barrett, photographer & songwriter

I can't tell you enough how beautiful your song Melinda Rose is. I rate it a 10. I feel honored you played it.
—Janis F

Love it! Very sweet!


Ride for the Win

Yee Hawww! Got my cowboy up! Great song!
—Ed Taylor, artist and former bull rider

Ernie's Army rides again, and what a ride!


Black Day

YES!!!!! Love this song. I was thinking of it earlier.....
Is it a "song" thought? Or poetry.....or in between?

A favorite.
Lynn Kopelke, Cowboy Poet

YES YES YES this is my favorite on the album, tied with Melinda Rose.

One of my favorites
—Tom M

Although the poem is quite, quite dark, I like it.


Glue-lot Cowboy

"Glue-lot Cowboy always make me cry"
Spencer Pyne, musician, studio engineer

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Glue-lot Cowboy song.  Everything about the song reminded me of Chuck. I loved hearing  Tom’s voice and Gordon’s fiddle.  Thanks so much for giving me the CD.  I really enjoyed it!"
—Terri Stewart

"OK, that actually made me cry..."
—Becky M, songwriter, artist

Thanks to Sandy, Tom and Spencer for letting me be part of the “Midnight Feedlot Cowboy Band”—and for bringing one of Chuck’s great stories back around.
Of course, I never asked Chuck if they were riding bareback!
But I must have laughed at his feedlot story a thousand a introduction to one of his gems.

     First of all, brilliant...just brilliant. And second, thank you so much for sharing this with me. It speaks to me on a few different levels. The melancholy, bittersweet theme of these horses going to their demise, but yet being ridden, happily, one last time, is quite moving.
      My dad always used a wet sponge to seal envelopes and one day (I was probably 10 years old at the time) I asked him why. He told me he couldn’t bring himself to consume the glue possibly made from horses’ hooves on the envelope. That’s always stayed with me.
Thanks again!
—Keegan Pyle

Glad you like it. I tried to channel your dad as much as I could. I miss him.

I like your CD. I listen to it while processing photos. I especially like Glue-lot Cowboy and Stitches. Chuck had told me many times about riding horses at the slaughter house. I wondered when I heard the song if that's where you'd gotten the inspiration. I suppose that's one of the reasons I like your song so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Chuck.
—Bill Patterson, photographer

thank you for sharing your "new" song with me. i do appreciate your kind and thoughtful gesture.
the song is a lovely tribute to chuck, his stories, his music... 
chuck brought to us the landscape of possibilities..
a place for our spirits to run free...
thank you sandy..
and tom, gordon and spencer for helping with this one; with your music, finding the 'right' something in one of chuck's stories...
it tugs at our hearts in our remembering...
most sincerely,
always, his sweetheart
—terri watson

Oh, yeah! I like it! Gordon, you really make the song!

Thanks y’all for letting me ride with the posse. Goes well with our morning coffee...
Nice mix and tunes.


Spitting Seeds

It's a fine poem, I especially like,
"How what you want and what you get
Are held in different hands."
Your meter is exemplary. It's so nice to read a poem written in proper meter.
...I like it. And I know there's an excellent poet in you which should be writing more.
—Dale P, Cowboy poet

That was a nice piece of work!
—Mike B, songwriter


Diamonds And Gold

Lovely!!! Great storytelling - lyrically and musically. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
B.J. Suter, songwriter

Exactly how I imagined it! Love it!

Wow!! I love it. Sounds great. Love the violin/fiddle......good song!!

Sounding great, thank you for your efforts and time on this project.


Down at Joe's

I like the harmony on Down At Joe's.


Another Horse to Saddle

I Loved Your Poem!!!
—Andria K, Cowboy poet

I like the poem / story as far as subject and delivery, and it seems like one verse wants to be the chorus in a song.
I really like I'z and 'fi - like true pronunciation.
My only complaint is that it ended too soon - I wanted to hear another adventure before he headed for the "final roundup".
Keep up the good work!
J.J. Fraser, songwriter

Great poem. Thanks for sharing.
—Bill Patterson, photographer

Enjoyed 'One more Horse...' a lot!
Lynn Kopelke, Cowboy Poet

Your rhyme and meter are impeccable! I can't remember saying those words, by the way.
Well done, young lady.
—Dale P, Cowboy poet


Wish You Were Here

Spent the afternoon listening to the CD. Very impressive. I especailly liked Wish You Were Here.
— Bill D

I'm partial to Wish You Were Here.
—Tom M

Wow. I like it all. I like the ending with a flourish. I like the balance of vocals with instrumentals, and the killer instrumental break.
You've devoted a lot of work to making this track fabulous. Pretty amazing.


Two Below The Hocks

Wow! There’s the energy we needed!

That all sounds great!



Very moving, Sandy.
—Nadia Y

This is a good one.

It's a Beautiful poem, Sandy.
—Joe Barrera, The Almagre Review

I cannot even sum up the emotions this poem created inside me. Yes...Kleenex was necessary. Un-feeakin'-believable!
Girlfriend, WHO ARE YOU????? You need to be published, recognized, appreciated, applauded............AWARDED!!!
WOW again. Just WOW!!!! I'm amazed.
With love and accolades of respect,"
—Susie K, Cowboy Poet

Excellent poem.
—Dennis R, Cowboy poet

Wow, San! Your poem takes my breath away. It is so evocative, I can see the scene. Wow!
I think "Stitches" is fabulous.
Rona G, photographer

Very well crafted, Sandy, with obvious true sentiment.
—Dale P, Cowboy poet

Just lovely
Carol Heuchan, poet