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I Wanted to Fly

Sandy Reay & Friends

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Press Release

Sandy Reay & Friends

a review by Jon Chandler

So, while America tunes in each week to watch extravagant productions aimed at creating flamboyant “stars” who have plenty of moxie but absolutely no soul, there are hundreds of singer/songwriters (if not thousands) who fly under the radar, plying their trade with purity and intelligence. It’s a true pleasure to discover one.

Sandy Reay is a fixture in Colorado’s acoustic music scene, playing upright bass and singing in venues ranging from dusty watering holes to elegant amphitheaters. She’s also an exquisite songwriter. Several years ago, she shared the lyrics to a song entitled Sandstorm From Sedona with me, and I was struck by her lyrical integrity and insight. Well, actually I was struck by how fun the lyrics were.

When I heard the jazzy-swingy recorded version, I was surprised and delighted at how Sandy had taken a western theme, rejected its minor-chord stereotype and given it a new, intriguing, and yes, purely western aspect. Her vocal is answered by Bill Barwick’s thundering bass warbling, a flute twitters around the edges, and the whole thing works.

On this CD, she lends several of her songs to lead vocalists who do them justice. From the opening track (I Wanted to Fly), with Christy Wessler singing like Emmylou [Harris] in her prime, the songs are captivating and ultimately interesting.

The good time folk song blast from the past of Already Gone features an iconic vocal from Bob Turner and has the listener unconsciously looking for the car keys, ready to hit the road. Sandy’s songs rank with those penned by many of the best western songwriters…Chris Wall comes to mind. I love Red Shoes, and I love Car Full of Collies. I’m humming Maybe This Time as I write. In the spirit of full disclosure, I also love my harmonica part on One Lonely Rider. But that’s just my opinion.

"I Wanted to Fly" by Sandy Reay & Friends

A collection of Americana songs about traveling through space and time featuring a variety of styles and musicians


Colorado Sandstorm Music announces the release of "I Wanted to Fly," a CD collection of songs that incorporate different aspects of traveling through space and time, including leaving and being left behind.

This CD includes performances by many well-known Colorado artists, including Ernie Martinez (Dakota Blonde, Jon Chandler & the Wichitones), Hannah Alkire (Acoustic Eidolon), Bill Barwick (Western Music Association 2009 Male Vocalist of the Year), Jon Chandler, Jim Ratts (Wild Jimbos, Jimmy Ibbotson, John McEuen, Sam Bush), Sandy Reay, Michi Regier, Peter Schwimmer, B.J. Suter, Bob Turner and Christy Wessler (Nashville Star 2008 Regional Finalist).

Produced by Ernie Martinez and recorded by Jim Ratts at Raven Studio, Englewood CO, this 14-song, 46-minute CD features 7 songs written by Sandy Reay, and 7 songs co-written by Reay and her friends. She lives near Monument CO.

It is the first independently-released CD by Colorado Sandstorm Music, based in Monument CO.


One Lonely Rider was an alternate in the 2008 Walnut Valley Songwriters Showcase.

Already Gone, Sandstorm From Sedona, Hitchhiker, and State Line Cafe were selected for inclusion on the 2007 and 2009 Colorado Bluegrass Music Society compilation CDs.

The Yampa Valley Boys, Ernie Martinez, and Bob Turner recorded and released Already Gone, and One Lonely Rider.

Track List:
  1 I Wanted to Fly
  2 Black Leather Coat
  3 Free Fall
  4 Already Gone
  5 Maybe This Time
  6 I'll Hold You Close
  7 Red Shoes
  8 State Line Cafe
  9 One Lonely Rider
 10 Hitchhiker
11 Car Full of Collies
12 Black Creek
13 Whole Lotta Pain
14 Sandstorm From Sedona

The Western Music Association 2010 award finalists include:
"Collaborative/Composite Album": "I Wanted to Fly" Sandy Reay & Friends
"Best Original Song": "Already Gone" Sandy Reay

Rope Burns, the Cowboy and Western Trade Industry publication, listed both the CD and one of the songs in their "Top of the Charts" for May-June, 2010.
"Western Music Album": #8. Sandy Reay & Friends - "I Wanted to Fly".
"Western Music Song": #6. Sandy Reay & Friends - "Already Gone"



Kebba Buckley Button included quotations from Car Full of Collies and Sandstorm From Sedona in her book, "Peace Within."

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